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Case Consultation

We provide expert consultations from our Clinical Psychologist.

A consultation refers to our Consultant Clinical Psychologist using their specialist knowledge and experience to provide a professional opinion, advice and assist others in problem-solving or setting up services.

Consultations can be in relation to a particular child / adult, or systemic work. Consultation regarding a particular child or adult may involve working with parents, carers, families or service provision. Systemic consultation work usually involves working with organisations such as service provisions, local authorities, professionals and those involved in delivering care/support services or creating resources.

What are the benefits of a consultation?

Consultations come with many benefits as they:

  • Assist in problem-solving

  • Facilitate an individual or groups to reach conclusions

  • Support an alternative perspective

  • Provide an opportunity to discuss a specific issue with a specialist

  • Help to explore difficulties

A consultation provides you with dedicated clinical psychologist input.

Case Consultation: About Me
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